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Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is the provision of care for primary school aged children after school and/or during vacation time. OSHC focuses on the provision of stimulating developmental, social and recreational activities for children, while meeting the care requirements of families.

We provide OSHC at Rutherglen. These services are provided out of the Rutherglen Primary School.

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The Indigo North Health Inc. Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service aims to provide high quality care and education programs that recognise the importance of understanding child development in school aged children.

The Indigo Health North OSHC service values care and education achieved through interactive play. The development of a child’s self esteem supports the social, emotional, recreational and educational needs of child development.

The Indigo Health North OSHC service will provide a creative, safe, secure and interactive environment that enhances child development in all aspects that the service provides (Before School Care, After School Care & Vacation Care[depending on the service]).

The Indigo Health North OSHC service values its relationships within the community by supporting children, schools, parents, caregivers and guardians in assisting community and family members to continue and maintain reliable work employment, volunteering and personal development training.

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Services on offer at Rutherglen are Vacation Care, Before & After School also including Curriculum or Pupil Free Days.

Our Educators

Our dedicated educators recognise the principles of teaching that actively engage children in play as one of the main ways in which children learn and develop. They use an holistic approach when planning for the whole child’s development. They pay attention to the children’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well being as well as cognitive aspects of their learning.

Our educators are seen as valuable resources to Indigo North Health Inc. where their personalities and beliefs contribute to making a successful learning environment. They have a range of early childhood teaching qualifications and experience.

We strongly believe in promoting ongoing learning and reflective practices for all our Educators. Through an ongoing cycle of reviewing current practise we are able to establish new ideas and always continue to improve the service we provide for our children every day.

We also encourage our educators to constantly update their skills and knowledge by attending relevant external and internal training and courses.

We ensure that background checks are carried out on all educators before they are employed and all employees sign and follow Indigo North Health Inc’s ethical code of conduct. Staff are aware of their obligations with regards to child protection being mandatory reporters and following Indigo North Health Inc’s child protection policy.

Each member of our team writes a brief profile about themselves and this is displayed at the entrance to the centre. The profile provides a brief background on our educators, outlining their qualifications and experience.

As your PARTNER, the Indigo North Health Inc OSHC and Kindergarten teams promise to…

Put your child’s needs first in every situation

Aim to provide an environment that promotes happiness

Recognise we are committed to a common goal – “high-quality childcare”

Tailor our services to meet your family’s needs

Never take for granted the trust you place in us

Embody excellence in everything we do

Respect everyone’s unique personality

Parent Participation

  • We actively encourage open communication between the team and our families at OSHC and the Kindergarten.
  • We feel communication is essential in maintaining high-quality, effective care for each child.
  • We value your input and suggestions, be it on policy and procedures, programming, or Indigo North Health Inc. OSHC philosophy.
  • We encourage you to communicate any suggestions you may have to the OSHC/Kindergarten team, and should any issue or concern arise, please feel free to speak to any of our educators so we can resolve the matter quickly and to your satisfaction.

Rutherglen Kindergarten

Rutherglen Kindergarten, a not for profit organisation, is an Incorporated Association of Members and works in partnership with Indigo North Health (also a not for profit organisation) to provide Kindergarten services to Rutherglen and surrounding communities.

Rutherglen Kindergarten plays an important part in the early learning process of a child’s development through the Early Learning Years Framework (the 5 learning outcomes: Identity, Community, Communication, Learning & Wellbeing) and the National Quality Framework. Educators, families, community members and volunteers all work together for children to reach their full potential.

​The Kindergarten provides a safe, secure, nurturing and stimulating learning environment. It is the foundation for early learning and allows children to be themselves, to explore their surroundings and to take on challenges to further their learning.

We believe that learning occurs throughout every aspect of the children’s day and that play is a very important part in development. Children learn so many skills through play, they become stronger emotionally and socially and develop skills that they will use throughout their life. Play gives children the opportunity to be themselves and express themselves comfortably, we as educators support the children to extend on their play and further develop their language/social/emotional skills.

We believe that updating our professional knowledge is important in order to further the children’s learning and our own. We work as a team to make goals for the children, discuss their progress, reflect on the day, create play spaces and to change parts of the program to suit their needs. We believe teamwork and communication are key in everything we do. We support each other and the children. We welcome and encourage the families to share in their child’s/children’s education and to be a part of the Kinder as they know their child/children best and can contribute in ways that we cannot.​

We believe that it is important to enhance connections with different organisations in the community and to widen the children’s understanding of the world around them.

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